Insurance For College Students

For students who live in dorms, their stuff is usually insured under their parents homeowners policy. There may be coverage limits for computers, televisions and stereos. Students should consult their parents insurance professional to guarantee that this electronic gear is fully covered.

Upperclassmen who move off campus are typically no longer covered by their parents homeowners insurance. These students should purchase a renters insurance policy to cover their belongings.

To guard against theft on college campuses students should do the following:

  • Always lock doors. If a student is going down the hall to the bathroom or to chat with friends, they should lock the door and keep the keys with them at all times.
  • Leave expensive jewelry at home. Do not risk losing fine jewelry or other sentimental items to a thief.
  • Engrave electronic items. Computers, televisions and stereos should be engraved with the student's driver's license number and the state in which they live. This will help police track stolen articles.
  • Don't leave belongings unattended on campus. A book bag left unguarded in the library is a quick, easy target for thieves.